Workhub | Built-to-suit Office and Warehouse Space for Lease
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BUILD-TO-SUIT: We build it, you lease it!

BUILD-TO-SUIT: We build it, you lease it!

Enjoy the benefits of achieving maximum space efficiency.

You Create, WE PAY, You Lease!


What Does Build To Suit Mean to Us?


Build-to-suit describes a development that has been planned and constructed, from day one, to meet our tenant’s needs. At Workhub, we revolutionized the concept of Built To Suit by taking care of plans and construction costs off your shoulders. First, we hear your business needs and then, our team of experts offers you a professional one-to-one solution so you can get the best facility for your business. We strive to partner with your success in creating unlimited possibilities.


Is your Lease Expiring in the next two years? Will you outgrow your current space?


If so, we should talk soon! We´ll help you create the space you need. It´s our mission to get you the best possible workspace and leasing terms.



What are the advantages of leasing at Workhub a Built to Suit building for your company?


• More Liquidity.
We pay for plans and construction. When you lease a warehouse from us, you’re committing comparatively less regarding upfront expenses. This provides your business with more liquidity since less of your capital is tied up in a long-term agreement.


• Available Capital. Your money is not tied up in a warehouse down-payment (usually about 35% of the purchase price) and can be used elsewhere, allowing you to take advantage of new opportunities and grow your business.


• Tax Advantages. Lease payments are a business expense that will reduce your taxable income. Typically, you can deduct all costs associated with leasing.


• More Time for your Company. We´ll do all the work! Managing a commercial property can be a real time drain. Leasing from us will provide you with more time to focus on running your business, as well as allowing more personal or leisure time for you.


• Greater Flexibility. If you outgrow your facility sooner than expected, it will be faster and easier to move. We can provide a new space or a new build to suit. We save you money. We install the latest, most energy efficient and cost-effective systems, including state-of-the-art technology and construction materials, to reduce a property’s operating and occupancy costs.


• Design meets Succes. Our contemporary designs, efficient use of the interior space and proven success on industrial buildings can help your company’s growth.


Did you know?


If you stay in a single location for less than seven years, then leasing might be a better option. When the expected occupancy period drops from 15 years to 7 years, the cost of rental is less than buying a warehouse. This makes seven years the “breakeven” point between buying vs. leasing

With over 200,000 sq feet of experience in the commercial construction industry, we can provide the expertise to create the perfect build-to-suit space for your company!


Flex Space

With Workhub, you’ll facilitate collaboration & allow for higher occupancy with this light industrial building with office space that can act as a showroom, light assembly, storage, studio and administrative office. Rent according to your needs. Forklift and pallet jack available.

Contemporary Design

Our efficient design allows for low-maintenance costs. Its contemporary style provides long-term value to the site and attracts design-aware companies who are leading the market. With a 24-ft. ceiling clearance and three phase electric power you will find solutions to all your warehouse needs.

Build to Suit

We strive to give our client the flexibility they need. Working to meet their design and space needs. An individual, tailored approach allows us to fulfill your businesses’ unique strategies and objectives.


Take advantage of our convenient location around The Woodlands with easy access to I-45, connecting you to Downtown Houston and Bush International Airport. An ideal central distribution point to Metro Houston & Conroe, a large and diverse, pro-business, recession-proof market.

Energy Efficient

Enjoy the convenience of state-of-the-art materials like isolation that designed to withstand Houston temperatures, high-tech Nest thermostats, LED lighting and great natural light in warehouse and office spaces.



From every day needs to specialized alternatives, our amenities will help you make a difference.
Low Maintenance Cost

Fiber-Speed Internet

Great Parking Ratio

Rack + Furnished Alternative

Warehouse AC & Freezer Alternative

Three-phase Electric Power

Loading Dock Available

Pallet Jack + Forklift

Concrete Access



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