The power of adaptable spaces
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The power of adaptable spaces

The terms Flex Space and Built-to-Suit have been appearing more and more in the language of real estate, architects and business designers. Business owners are realizing, every day more, the value that flexible spaces can provide to their companies.

The name Flex Space implies flexibility, and this is precisely the benefit for both large and small businesses. Use Flex Space as a showroom, for manufacturing, storage, as a studio, workshop and, of course, office space. Rent according to your company’s current needs, but keep the versatility that the space allows for rapid growth.

Ideal for developing or expanding businesses that might grow quickly, it allows them to accommodate and use space according to their day to day needs. For many, if not most businesses, Flex Space makes perfect sense. The companies that have found value in its flexibility span over three decades. The results speak for themselves.

Now, imagine you could lease precisely the space your business will need… in the future! Well this is where built to suit comes in. A dream come true for a business owner: space built according to current and future needs at an affordable, previously agreed rate. Build-to-Suit is a building specifically constructed to meet the design specifications of a company, who then becomes the sole occupant of the building.

Build-to-Suits advantages include achieving maximum space efficiency as it is specifically designed for the tenant; this also grants companies with specialized needs that rarely fit the market to design and build according to their specific requirements. Ultimately, the tenant will have maximum design input to create a building that will serve for future expansion while using materials to reflect the company’s culture and desired image.

Visit and make your business more efficient and your life easier with Flex Space and Built-to-Suit.