Is Flex Space appropriate for my business?
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Is Flex Space appropriate for my business?

The term Flex Space has been appearing more and more in the language of real estate, architects and business designers. This is in part because every day business owners are realizing, more, the value that flexible spaces can provide to their companies.

The name implies flexibility, and this is precisely the benefit for both large and small businesses. Use Flex Space as a showroom, for manufacturing, storage, as a studio, workshop and, of course, office space. Rent according to your company’s current needs, but keep the versatility that the space allows for rapid growth.

Ideal for developing or expanding businesses that might grow quickly, it allows them to accommodate and use space according to their day to day needs. Flex spaces are usually available between 1,500 to 20,000+ square feet. A business renting a Flex Space has control over various features, such as HVAC, operating hours and no shared costs for amenities or utilities.

What makes Flex Space so great?

Its versatility and adaptability are ideal for any company. Financially speaking, it’s sound to rent exactly what you need, but its real untapped value is all about design. Efficient design adapts these spaces to current and contextual needs for sustainability, allows natural sunlight to reach offices and warehouses, and creates savings in energy use and overall costs. Spatial design also plays an important role; it aligns the workplace with business goals, maximizes space, saves time and money, and even improves employee productivity.
For many, if not most businesses, Flex Space makes perfect sense. The companies that have found value in its flexibility span three decades. The results speak for themselves.

Lease Flex Space with WorkHub and enjoy the benefits of a design-inspired flexible space for your office and warehouse.